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Wedding Specialists – Monarch British Limousines has the largest selection of Classic, Antique and Exotic Rolls- Royce automobiles in the state of Texas

Wedding Transportation SpecialistsMost women have great memories about the day they walked down the aisle. However, I want to share the wedding experience from a bride’s perspective. Although my experience is unique to me and my groom, it could become a part of every new bride’s wedding day. After many hours of planning and changing my mind about the details, my fiance and I decided to use a vintage wedding limousine instead of other, more traditional carriages and the sort.

I wanted the guests at my wedding to feel as special as I did. I wanted more for them than just a reception, wine, and cake. For this to happen, I felt as though each and every one had to feel pampered and distinguished. For me, that was the biggest challenge while planning my big day.

A friend recommended a vintage wedding limo service to me. I remember the magic that the car added to my wedding and it always makes me smile. Riding in it to the ceremony was a trip I will never forget. My fiance and I chose a 1937 Rolls Royce. The interior was exquisite and the driver was kind and professional. We were provided with romantic amenities during the ride, such as champagne in beautiful glasses. Music of our choice played softly. Every bride should know this was a feeling of being whisked away to that magical happily-ever-after place. Nothing I have ever experienced can match it.

I planned an outdoor reception that was an outstanding success. I can still see how everyone kept peering over the tables filled with hors d’oeuvres and roses at the Rolls-Royce parked in the grass. The sun was gleaming off the chrome and the white paint was lustrous. I would have never dreamed how just one vehicle could add such class and magic to the best day of my life.

For every bride out there planning the special day, adding a vintage wedding limousine is the perfect way to make a long lasting and magical impression.